One of my biggest passions is teaching! I love to share knowledge and help others grow.

I want to teach how to do things the right way, and optimize your success!

I promise to be open with you, answer your questions to the best of my ability, and help you grow to step up to the next level of your business.

Where do you feel like you could grow?

Mentorship Options

One on One

1 HR
Here we will focus on YOU, what you need, and areas you want to improve. Whether it's finding structure, setting up your business, attracting more clients, tweaking your editing, or whatever! I am an open book!


Posing & Client Interaction

I will find us a cute couple to work with and we will practice posing and shooting with them. Then we will sit down and go over anything you want to learn! You will walk away with beautiful content and power for your business!


Sounds like this will help you? Let's Talk!

We will cater your mentorship just for you!