Hey there,

My name is Taylar Caldwell.

I'm a big fan of Jesus, I'm married to my best friend Ezra, and I love my business. I love doing Photo & Video, and educating others. I want to uplift and inspire you and I promise to do so, whether you hire me as your Photographer/Videographer/ or Mentor! I love seeing God's hand in my business and in my life, and I feel so lucky to be doing what I am passionate about! I want to pour love from my heart to you!

You will be cared for. I promise to capture your beautiful self and deliver work that portrays your inner beauty. I'm going to capture your giggles, smiles, and your love. I will help you feel comfortable and flatter the heck out of you! If you want to learn from me, I promise to be open with you and help you grow and become even more successful.

Send me a message and let's do this together!